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Please submit this order form if you are paying online by credit card or mailing your payment. You may also phone or fax this order sheet.

Enter the totals for each item below. If paying online by credit card, you will receive a PayPal invoice (at the e-mail address you enter below) for the order total. Simply follow the PayPal instructions.

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Baker's Dozen Magnetic Photo Frame Package (Free Shipping):
#1 Marbled Green: SOLD OUT
#2 Marbled Rose: SOLD OUT
#3 Marbled Blue: SOLD OUT
#4 Marbled Yellow - SOLD OUT
#5 Green Gingham: SOLD OUT
#6 Red Gingham: SOLD OUT
#7 Blue Gingham: SOLD OUT
#8 Yellow Gingham: SOLD OUT
#9 Rainbow: SOLD OUT
#10 Leopard: SOLD OUT
#11 Daisies - SOLD OUT
#12 Old Glory - SOLD OUT
Total Packages: